Artist Application & Date Sign-Up

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Artist Application & Date Sign-Up


You are invited to participate as an artist at Nightfall using our online application process!

Visual artists of all types are invited to sell, display or demonstrate during the Nightfall 2019 shows in the new beautiful lawn of the renovated Miller Park. This year’s season runs every Friday starting from May 3rd through August 30th, with the exception of May 31st.

Artists will be notified within 3 business days if they have been accepted for the dates they select.

The fee is $25 each night. For each night the artists attends, Chattanooga Presents also requires a 10% commission in sales that will be turned in at the end of the evening.

The Miller Park Nightfall Art Market is excited to have an Emerging Artist Booth each week!  If you are selected as an emerging artist the $25 application fee will be waived. We do require that you report your sales and provide the 10% commission at the end of the night.

Nightfall is never cancelled for weather, but we understand that you may not want to try to vend in certain weather situations, and we defer to your judgement. We will either refund your $25 in that case or apply it to another date.

The Nightfall Art Market has ten 10 x 10 spaces each week.  Click on the button below to apply and reserve your booth NOW! for your first Nightfall!

Apply Here

Official Rules and Information

Thanks so much for your interest in the Nightfall Arts Market.  Please e-mail or call Kathy Lennon at or (423) 326-7966 if you have any questions.

You must complete the application process before you are approved to have a booth at Nightfall. If you have questions, or are uncertain if your art will be a good fit for the Nightfall Art Market – we’re happy to answer questions before you apply.  Once accepted, you can participate in any market provided space is available

CHATTANOOGA PRESENTS WILL PROVDE: Lots of people who enjoy coming to Nightfall to serve as potential buyers. As well as an approximate 10x10 space for your sales booth.

ARTISTS WILL PROVDE: $25 for the space, as well as 10% of sales to Chattanooga Presents. Such payment will be made in cash or check and turned in at the merchandise table at Miller Plaza at the end of each night in the envelope provided by Chattanooga Presents.

ARTIST IS RESPONSIBLE: for providing their own pop-up tent and any other equipment needed for setup (including tables and chairs).

EMERGING ARTISTS:  The Miller Park Nightfall Art Market is excited to have an Emerging Artist Booth each week.  An emerging artist is someone who's in the early stage of their career, but hasn't yet established a solid reputation as an artist. If you are selected as an emerging artist the $25 application fee will be waived. However, Chattanooga Presents does require that you report your sales and provide a 10% commission at the end of the night.  

VENDING: It is agreed that no trades for goods or services by the artist is allowed in exchange for artwork. Artist is solely responsible for paying all state taxes and obtaining any permits that may pertain to their participation.

PARKING AND UNLOADING: Artists can unload in the parking meters on Market Street next to Miller Park. Meter spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis, and we ask that spaces will be filled in order of arrival (with the first car taking the meter at the end of the block, etc.) This block, as well as other streets around Miller Plaza, will be closed as of 5:30, at which point you can pull in and park at these metered spaces. You must enter that block from the 10th Street side. Artists can set-up as early as 4:30, but you will be subject to normal traffic conditions. (Vehicles cannot enter the closed streets after 6:30 pm.) Loading up afterwards can take place in the same areas as unloading.

LIABILITY: Artist assumes liability for any injury arising out of the ordinary cause of their performance and not caused by ay act of the Agent. Artist agrees to hold harmless Chattanooga Presents, River City Company and the City of Chattanooga from any claims, damages, losses and liability arising out of this agreement.

Chattanooga Presents is not responsible for the security/damage of any supplies or artwork. An off-duty police officer will be assigned to provide general security of Miller Park, in addition to a minimum of six other officers working in other areas of Nightfall.

Chattanooga Presents reserves the right to terminate this agreement for services at any time and for any reason during this contract.

This agreement and hold harmless waiver is made binding when signed by both Artist and Agent or their representatives.